Hotel 1001 nott is a family owned luxury hotel, beautifully situated in a quiet area by Lake Lagarfljót, approximately 4 km (3 miles) from Egilstadir.

The hotel offers comfortable large rooms (22m2), each with a private entrance from the hotel garden. The rooms are beautifully decorated with comfortable furniture, double or twin beds, private bathroom with a shower, and a mini-bar. There is free wi-fi in all rooms.

The owners, Astvaldur and Kristin, have taken special care in designing the property, to provide maximum comfort and relaxation in harmony with nature.

The hotel offers a variety of facilities to nurture your soul and spirit. The guests are encouraged to enjoy stunning views, spectacular nature, outdoor hot tubs in a beautiful setting, local delicacies at the restaurant, Cognac lounge, bar and other treats the hotel offers.

A perfect way to end a long day is to relax in the outdoor hot tubs, where you could find yourself watching the sunset or possibly the northern lights in winter time. Our aspiration is that you walk away revitalized after your stay.

Nearest airport is in Egilsstadir, 6 km away from hotel.